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Glenn Darmanin and Kurt Spiteri are the two guys behind kertek, a concept which evolved from a common interest in melodic electronic music. Influenced from the world they find themselves in and from a wide variety of artists, they have always looked to improve their sounds and they are always looking to learn new techniques which could help them improve their productions. By keeping themselves updated throughout the world of electronic music and technology as it evolves, their unique sounds are constantly improving. The artists have releases on Progrezo Records, Mestiza Records, Festival Lounge Records, and Carica Records so far.

Apart from producing music, the Maltese duo also offer outstanding performances through their live sets having already performed at various local gigs and events where they played alongside artists like James Holden, Charlie May, Len Faki, and Dave Seaman. Having just started to establish themselves in the world of electronic music, Kurt and Glenn have a lot of things planned out for the coming years and through all of their hard work and devotion one should expect the concept of kertek to continue to grow and improve as years go by.





Those Big Green Eyes EP out now on Cloud of Silence

Those Big Green Eyes EP is now released on Cloud of Silence. The EP features two new tracks: 'Those Big Green Eyes' and 'Apple's Eye'. The EP may be bought from here. Longer previews can be heard from here and more info on Cloud of Silence can be found here.

kertek guests on Carica radio show

kertek will be the guests of the 16.05.12 Carica radio show which is hosted by Pao Calderon on Proton Radio. More info about the show can be found here.


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contact us on:


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